Seasonal Cleanups

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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Seasonal Cleanups

LMR did a wonderful job helping us maintain our lawn on a weekly basis!

David A.


Seasonal cleanups make your yard look tidy. Regular yard cleanups can make it look like you have a brand-new yard. We’ve cleaned hundreds of properties, and the difference between before and after cleanups always surprises our clients.

Seasonal cleanups are for more than just aesthetics. Performing a spring cleanup helps prepare the lawn and landscaping for the upcoming growing season and is regularly combined with mulching services. Winter can also produce a lot of debris, and cleaning the yard means removing all of winter’s remains.

Fall cleanups include leaf removal, which is a critical service in central New Jersey. Ignoring fallen leaves on the lawn can choke out your grass and create a barrier that traps moisture and blocks sunlight, which can lead to mold and other diseases.

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